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Brochel Castle

Isle of Raasay

Stronghold of the MacLeod clan.

Edin's Hall

Scottish Borders

A rare example of a lowland Broch.

Gleaston Castle


An enclosure castle built as a result of Scottish attacks on the Furness peninsula.


West Yorkshire

Hillfort and the site of a Norman Castle.

Usk Castle


A Norman stronghold which was attacked many times by the Welsh.

Haughley Castle


A large Norman motte.

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Latest Battlefields:

Preston (1715)

At the Battle of Preston (1715), an Anglo-Scottish Jacobite army was engaged by Government forces. Fought within the confines of the town itself, the Jacobites mounted a spirited defence successfully repelling the first assaults on their lines. However, as more Government troops arrived they had little choice but to surrender.

Pwll Melyn (1405)

After suffering a defeat at Grosmont, the army of Owain Glyndŵr attempted to restore their reputation with an assault on the English forces at Usk Castle. They were repulsed and, as they retreated, the garrison sallied out where they routed the Welsh at the Battle of Pwll Melyn (1405).