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Almond Castle


A ruined Tower House once home to the Crawford and Livingstone families.

Tantallon Castle

East Lothian

Stronghold of William, Earl of Douglas.

Bryn y Castell


A pair of motte-and-bailey castles.

Belsay Castle


An English Tower House that was built and owned by the Middleton family.

Laugharne Castle


A twelfth century castle that was extensively rebuilt in the Elizabethan period.



Substantial remains of a city wall that surrounded a wealthy medieval port.

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Bryn Glas (1402)

The Battle of Bryn Glas (1402) was fought between the forces of Owain Glyndŵr and Sir Edmund Mortimer. The Welsh had raided deep into the latter's territory and the English followed in hot pursuit but were decisively defeated when Glyndŵr's men turned to fight. Mortimer was captured and later changed sides contributing to the destabilisation of Henry IV's regime.

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Latest Battlefields:

Cheriton (1644)

The Battle of Cheriton (1644) was fought between a Royalist force under the Earl of Forth and a Parliamentary army under Sir William Waller. Despite success in the opening action, the Royalists failed to exploit their advantage and handed victory to the Parliamentarians resulting in Hampshire coming under their control.

Falkirk (1298)

In Spring 1297 William Wallace led a rebellion against English rule and, later that year, achieved a significant victory at Stirling Bridge after which he was appointed Guardian of Scotland. An English army under Edward I marched north to deal with this uprising and at the Battle of Falkirk (1298) decisively defeated the Scots.