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Strome Castle


Stronghold of the MacDonell clan.

Mearns Castle

East Renfrewshire

A four storey Tower House.

Monmouth Castle


Birthplace of Henry V.



The scene of the trial and execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Goodrich Castle


A border fortress that was attacked and destroyed during the Civil War.

Upnor Castle


A coastal defence fortification built to protect Chatham dockyard.

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Langside (1568)

At the Battle of Langside (1568) the Catholic Mary, Queen of Scots was decisively defeated by Protestant forces after which she fled to England where she was incarcerated by Elizabeth I and eventually executed. More significantly, the battle led to the entrenchment of Presbyterian church which would have significant consequences almost a century later during the Wars of Three Kingdoms.

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Latest Battlefields:

Hopton Heath (1643)

After the outbreak of the Civil War, the Royalists withdrew loyal supporters from across the Midlands region in order to create a mobile field army. However, this left the wider area vulnerable and in March 1643 a Parliamentary army moved to capture Stafford. A Royalist force was dispatched to stop them and defeated the Parliamentarians at the Battle of Hopton Heath (1643).

Shrewsbury (1403)

In July 1403 the powerful Percy family rebelled against Henry IV and allied themselves with the Welsh freedom fighter Owain Glyndŵr. As the two rebel forces attempted to rendezvous with each other, the King cornered Sir Henry 'Hotspur' Percy and, at the Battle of Shrewsbury (1403), crushed the English element of the rebellion.