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Fort Augustus


An eighteenth century garrison fort built by General Wade.


Perth and Kinross

The short-lived first century AD base of the Roman Twentieth Legion.

Hopton Castle


A Tower Keep built over the earthworks of a motte-and-bailey castle.

Scarborough Castle

North Yorkshire

A Twelfth century coastal fortress .

Penmaen Castle


Twelfth century ringwork fortification raised by the Normans.



The Palace of Westminster evolved into the permanent seat of Government.

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Wakefield (1460)

The Battle of Wakefield (1460) was a calculated attempt by the Lancastrians to eliminate Richard, Duke of York. Little is known about the action but the Duke was successfully enticed out from the safety of Sandal Castle and ambushed. In the subsequent skirmish his forces were massacred and both the Duke and his second eldest son were killed.

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Latest Battlefields:

Montgomery (1644)

Following the catastrophic Royalist defeat at Marston Moor, Parliamentary forces in the Welsh Marches went on the offensive and in September 1644 they captured the strategically important Montgomery Castle.  A large Royalist army was deployed to dislodge them but, at the Battle of Montgomery (1644), they were defeated and Parliament secured control of central Wales.

Lincoln (1217)

When King John died in October 1216 he left his country in a state of civil war with many his barons actively supporting Prince Louis of France who had come to England to depose him. William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke assumed the role of Regent for the King's heir, the young Henry III, and at the Battle of Lincoln (1217) he defeated the French force and stabilised the new regime.